Navigation Services


Do you like the idea of driving with your own personal copilot? Just push one button, and ask the Advisor to download the directions. It’s powerfully simple and safe. No need to enter the address on a screen or look at your phone. You don’t even need the address. We can search over 14 million points of interest for you. You’ll have many ways to get navigation at your fingertips. Getting directions is as easy as pushing a button and telling the Advisor where you want to go. Directions are quickly downloaded to your car and a voice calls out every turn. To plan routes in advance, review a destination on and send it to your vehicle. To input destinations into your screen-based navigation system (if equipped), just ask an Advisor to send directions to it. You can also send directions from the OnStar RemoteLink® mobile app to your car. Feel free to move about the country with the assurance that you’re always taking the best route there.