OnStar*OnStar RemoteLink not currently available with OnStar FMV
Hands-Free Calling

Hands-Free Calling allows drivers to stay safe while keeping in touch on the road. By using simple voice commands, like “Call” or “Dial”, drivers can keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Some states have banned the use of handheld cell phones while driving, which means many have to rely on hands-free devices to stay connected in those areas.

With a cell phone it’s easy to place it out of reach, accidently leave it behind, lose service or lose battery power. OnStar Hands-Free Calling is built in to the vehicle, so any call is just one button push away.

OnStar’s Hands-Free Calling connection is reliable because of the exterior-mounted OnStar antenna. It’s specially designed for better reception and fewer dropped calls in areas of limited connectivity. OnStar has gotten service in areas like deserts, mountains and natural disaster locations where standard cell phones would not work. See more examples here:

For drivers who purchase Hands-Free Calling minutes, OnStar provides them with a unique in-vehicle phone number and these drivers never have to pay for roaming or long-distance charges.

Both embedded OnStar and OnStar FMV provide drivers with a built-in Bluetooth connection. If customers have a Bluetooth-enabled phone they can set up Hands-Free Calling through their personal phone. Through a straight forward syncing process, drivers are just a few steps away from making and taking all their in-vehicle calls in hands-free fashion.

OnStar RemoteLink
Winner of a 2011 Edison Award and a 2011 Meffy Award, the OnStar RemoteLink mobile app provides OnStar customers with an amazing level of connectivity to their vehicle, allowing them to perform specific vehicle-commands and access to real-time vehicle data.

The mobile app allows users to remotely lock and unlock their doors and start and stop the ignition from any distance. If drivers are having trouble locating their vehicle, they can sound the horn or flash the lights. It also allows them to connect with a live OnStar advisor, the key differentiator of the OnStar service.

In addition to controlling their vehicle, users of the app can also access current vehicle diagnostic information including odometer readings, fuel tank level/range, remaining oil life, current and recommended tire pressure and lifetime average miles per gallon.

A unique version of OnStar mobile app is available for Chevrolet Volt owners. This app includes all the original functionality and data of the standard app, but also offers an electric vehicle-specific connection. EV enthusiasts can control battery charging functions by choosing to “Charge Now”, scheduling a charging time or setting the vehicle to a grid-friendly charge mode to only charge when electricity rates are lowest. Volt owners can also access electric only vehicle data.

OnStar Virtual Advisor
OnStar Virtual Advisor is accessible through the Hands-Free Calling button. In addition to allowing drivers to access eNav directions, Virtual Advisor also provides drivers with personalized Traffic, Weather and Stock updates.

After pushing the button, an OnStar customer simply says “Virtual Advisor” and then ”Weather” to get weather updates within five miles of the vehicle’s current location.

If the customer says “Traffic” they can choose to get current traffic and construction reports within five, 10 or 15 miles of the vehicle’s current location.

Stock quotes are also accessible by setting up specific stocks to check on the online OnStar account. By logging into customers can customize what stock price updates they would like to hear every time they say “Stock” or “Stock Quotes” through Virtual Advisor.